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skin graft-peripheral cs (unifactor)

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skin graft: peripheral

Loud, abrasive, and all around shredding, we’ve heard it before. The fact that Skin Graft’s Peripheral starts with the kind of get-up-and-run-to-turn-down-the-stereo loud all-frequency-encompassing sonic sphere doesn’t help the instinct for quick categorization. The layers unfurl out of each abrasive noise blast, each evolving to aimless points before cleverly and intently transitioning into newer, softer, similar sound territories. The A-side devolves and revolves through cycles of tinny noise drones, becoming more complex but less abrasive over the scope of the composition. The B-side moves freely and consciously through a static barrage of mid-range guttural noise, sinking through considered oscillations to depths of deep bass pummel. Shards of high-pitched ear detonators fall off the sides of the cascading drone, but these are only slight refuge from the stasis storm. The entire release focuses on non-changing compositions that manage boredom through sonic addition, and then suddenly change to a different mode —like a tape cutting, but with far more texture.

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