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fsom/andy rantzen-track 6/harmonic eye 12 (efficient space)

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fsom/andy rantzen: track 6/harmonic eye

Architects of the Future Sound of Melbourne, FSOM reigned as their city's scene evolved from underground clubs to vast waterfront wonderlands, alternating between playing studio tracks off cassette and jamming live. "Track 6" has a sinister bassline and mind-obliterating stabs -- 1993 to eternity. Andy Rantzen's "Harmonic Eye" speaks a similar vocabulary. Running parallel to FSOM in Sydney, Rantzen united the masses with Paul Mac as Itch-E + Scratch-E, producing crystalline rave, cheeky breakbeat and techno resistance. Lifted off his downtempo 1999 solo CD The Blue Hour, Harmonic Eye is a certified warehouse burner.

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