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gary beck-bring a friend cd (soma)

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gary beck: bring a friend

Soma's 100th album release is a huge milestone for the label and reiterates how influential the Glasgow brand has been in defining the musical landscape for two decades. There is no better way to celebrate both the impact and influence of the label than by showcasing one of Glasgow's most successful techno exports. Gary Beck embodies the continued innovation of Soma, having worked in close collaboration with the label from his 2009 debut onwards. In the years since his first release, Gary Beck has become a global techno sensation, performing at every major venue and starting his own successful label, BEK Audio. This album highlights just why Gary Beck has reached such a pinnacle and again shows that his collaborations with Soma are always incendiary. Throughout the album, every track is perfectly balanced and totally unique, creating a sonic journey from the first bar to the last.

Gary Beck - Bring A Friend (Soma CD100)

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