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gog-ironworks lp (utech)

Price: $23.99


gog: ironworks

Ironworks is both literally and figuratively a monolith of unrestrained power. Rapid arpeggios and slow flowing magma clash while lugubrious piano weaves depressive chords. Lurching, overdriven guitar grinds and scrapes in a hollow abyss as tortured vocals rise from the depths. This is metal in the elemental sense, the album built upon a foundation of sound recordings from the Bjella family blacksmith shop. Ironworks is an epitaph for the death of the American dream, one brought on by ourselves, channeling emotions mournful and raging. Packaged in a heavy, embossed folder with insert. Limited to 300 copies. Comes on black vinyl and includes a download code.

GOG | Ironworks by GOG/SoundsOfBattle

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