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vagusnerve-go back to the sirius cd (utech)

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vagusnerve: go back to the sirius

Where are we from and where are we going. Trapped in time and space, always questioning. Go Back to the Sirius. Go back to a state concealed in our genes for aeons. Renounce all conceptions about humankind, all human histories, and all human civilizations. Abandon all of our minds, our consciousness, our instinct and our wisdom. The passing on and alternation of interstellar civilizations are in fact a kind of transmigration. The destruction and disappearance of a civilization precedes the birth of another. It happened in the earth, and also in the Sirius. It happened through the memory of light. It is the DNA of our universe and someday we will all be part of it. Li Jianhong: electric guitar and vocals. VAVABOND: laptop and electronics.

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