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body/gate/head-glare luring yo lp (feeding tube)

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body/gate/head-glare luring yo

In the spring of 2011, Michael "Powderfinger" Morley was in the U.S. for a short visit. There had been some talk of doing a Gate show or two, but when he visited Western Mass., Feeding Tube Records decided to put use to his collaborative talents. He played one night at the Yod space in Florence with Kim Gordon and Bill Nace, then at Feeding Tube with Spencer Yeh and Meg Clixby. Both sets provided jumbo pleasure, and Michael managed to record the Yod set for our presentation to you. Kim and Bill were at the beginning of their duo explorations at this point. Can't even remember if they'd started using the Body/Head name yet. Regardless, the instrumental sluice -- with occasional spirit-vocals by Kim -- is similar yet quite different from the duo tactics they've since evolved. Morley's presence gives the proceedings a bit of a grungy psychedelic smear, whereas their other recordings (at least as of now) have a rather more ethereal arc. The set occurred in front of a slowed-down screening of Catherine Breillat's gorgeous 1976 film Une Vraie Jeune Fille. Feeding Tube thinks you'll agree that the music here matches the sexy surrealist power of that film frame-for-frame, or your money back. The cover, by the way, is a beautiful silkscreen designed by Morley and based on an outtake from Susan Harris' NBC program, The Golden Girls. The image was based on Bea Arthur and Betty White's characters from a season five episode entitled "Break-In." The album title is a phonetic spelling of what Ms. Arthur's character keeps chanting while attending a Madonna concert. Now you know.

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