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grails/pharaoh overlord-black tar prophecies 5 lp (kemado)

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grails/pharaoh overlord: black tar prophecies 5

Black Tar Prophecies has served as a repository for Grails' more idiosyncratic forms of composition where any experimentation that could yield deep-listening rewards was attempted and the results documented in volumes to be compiled later. Volume 5 returns to one of the most aggressive sounds Grails has employed in the past by creating a sequel to 'Belgian Wake Drill,' one of their most devastating and loved tracks. 'Chariots"' opens the LP and slowly spreads its dread-stained atmosphere like polluted smog and features the return of Timba Harris, the composer/string section-within-himself who raised the bar of grandiosity in 'Deep Politics.' This volume is prepared as a split with one of Grails' favorite bands, Pharaoh Overlord from Finland.

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