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green gums-black tongue ep (diagonal)

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green gums: black tongue

Dom Butler (Factory Floor) and Richard Smith (L/F/D/M), the gnashing duo behind Bronze Teeth, bare their Green Gums alias, delivering a more acrid tang, still produced on vintage analog hardware, but with a more infected, slavering effect favored by everyone from Ben UFO to Powell. "ZoZoMoNo" bites down hard with a zig-zagging, serrated 303 sequence and locked-on EBM groove; "Dag" shoots from the hip with revving bass and stripped-down, strobing synths. "Cestoda's Labyrinth" sparks psychotic jack patterns on chewy offset bass rubs with reel Chicagoan grit; and "Tap Dancing Goat Man" bangs slow like some brute edit of "Burundi Black."

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