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gunter schlienz-contemplation cd (preservation)

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gunter schlienz: contemplation

The Preservation label presents the first full-length work from German artist Günter Schlienz. For a decade, Schlienz has created meditative works of epic reach with intimate, reflective resonance. His individual style comes from an ever-searching sense of experimentalism that stems not only from his sense of composition but his creation of his own modular synthesizers and other instruments. Contemplation is Schlienz's most personal work yet, acting as a compendium that ties the various strands of his musical pursuits together with a new and fresh vision. In a way, Contemplation is a record of how he has developed as an artist and as himself. While the cosmic touch is ever-present across the album, earthy and pastoral scenes are never far from Schlienz's gaze. Norm Chambers aka Panabrite, a kindred spirit, contributes to the swelling, soaring "Humble," "Numb" is bubbling and bucolic in feel, and "Shimmer" is a soft, sweet paen to the evening. Reaching further, "Lament" is a majestic drone, raga-like in its deep focus, and "Janitor" is a final, hazy delight of floating tones and starry, dub-like echoes. Ultimately, Contemplation is in equal thrall to joy, melancholy, nature and space. It's a radiant poise Schlienz holds throughout, finding a peaceful plane. Limited to 300 copies only.

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