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healing force project-perihelion transit 2lp (eclipse music)

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healing force project: perihelion transit

Healing Force Project's music is made of oneiric visions, unexplored landscapes and it's never connected with contemporary hype or music genres. Exprimental textures mixed with noise, distorted sounds and analog hypnotic rhythm patterns. Speaking of techno would be reductive even if the technology signature is openly declared by the use of drum machines pulsating at 4/4 beat. At the same time references to seventies jazz are evident. Endless source of inspiration are the avant-garde sounds of the electric Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock, the afrofuturism of Sun Ra and the Egyptian ancient iconography. Perihelion Transit project started in 2012 with the collaboration between Healing Force Project, Eclipse Music label and italian jazz player Giorgio Li Calzi. The double album consists of eight songs that well representing the music scenario of the artist. The disco one opening title "Moorg 3" is an electronic jazz made of Rhodes chords layered on percussive rhythms and pulsating bass sounds. "Soul Heart In A Punk Mind" reveals the experimental side of HFP's music, a chaotic collections of weird Mills style sounds perfectly balanced with syncopated drum rhythms. The third track "Illusione" puts the chaotic elements back in order, here the bpm become more pronounced, the techno element holds the keys improvisation under an obsessive tension. Perfect prologue to introduce the next track. "Oneirism" is a slow hypnotic swing where Giorgio Li Calzi's trumpet finds a perfect soundscape to shows its metamorphosis, now processed by digital effects in Jon Hassell style, then more conventional like standard jazz sound. The second disc begins with another collaboration Healing Force Project / Giorgio Li Calzi. "Full Phontal" brings the previous track formula, but with fastest rhythm, the trumpet's improvisation become more isolated, the sound is reverberated, makes dialogue with the rhythm section farthest and the perception of space more marked. Here the sound journey moves at higher altitudes. In the second song "Alien Step" the composition becomes more abstract and mysterious, an ambient prelude to what is in fact the most techno track of the album "Dark Fragment". The album closes with "Toxic Experience In The Future City" more than eight minutes of experimental jazz, relaxed mood and languid keyboard chords accompany Li Calzi's trumpet in what is perhaps the most inspired song of the album, inspiration looking at the landmarks of the past but one step ahead in the future, into the unknown.

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