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herla-shadows of a conclusion ep (birdkids)

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herla: shadows of a conclusion

Herla is the collaborative effort of two Austrian producers who've tipped their focus of sound toward analog warmth, rugged drums and earthy soundscapes, achieved through an amalgamation of analog hardware. The vibe is heavily influenced by the classic Moog sound, early-2000s techno, and sprinkles of '80s synthesis in the vein of bands like Joy Division. "An Eating House" is a driving analog excursion through acid techno, earth-shattering drums, and eerie, low-pitched vocal tones. "From Within" delves into even darker territories as menacing Moog tones bubble away and expansive reverbs cleverly build depth. "Fiddle About" is subtly nuanced, the percussive elements keeping things in an ever-enticing state, while undulating saw-wave bass adds vivacity.

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