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hideakira sakuri-lone wolf & cub soundtrack lp+7 (k.o.)

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hideakira sakurai: lone wolf & cub soundtrack

Rediscover in its vinyl release for the very first time the original soundtrack of the cult movie series in 6 parts played by the Baby Carts and produced by Kenji Misumi after the adaptation of famous manga entitled Lone Wolf & Cub, created by writer Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima. In medieval 17th century Japan, during the Edo period, Ogami Ittō, the implacable and stoic Shōgun's executioner, played by legendary Tomisaburo Wakayama, is dismissed from his title and position as part as a masterplan plotted by the Yagyū clan. After the murder of his wife and the slaughter of all their household, Ogami Ittō throws himself into a blood battle to avenge the death of his clan and his disgrace by becoming a rōnin, a samourai with no lord or master. Together with his young son Daigorō, whom he wheels about in a stroller replete with weapons of all kinds, they become known from now on as Kozure Okami, which literally means 'Lone Wolf and Cub', they wander the country with an unwavering drive as an assassin-team to be hired by the highest bidder to avenge themselves in bloodshed and vowing to topple the Yagyū clan. As a result of an unexpected mixture of traditional Japanese music and psychedelic rock music with multiple echoing and resounding effects, as well as musical elements that are reminiscent of the blaxploitation film genre of the 1970s, these 24 tracks perfectly convey the dramatic stance and epic dimension of the series. Moving from dream-like and hypnotic passages played by an orchestra of violins and wind instruments to faster ones, in which the taiko - percussion instruments - gallop their way through the Japanese landscapes of this medieval fantasy, these compositions created by Hideaki Sakurai give pride of place to the shakuhachi, a typical Japanese bamboo flute. With its diverse and changing forms, Sakurai's music takes on different shades that give it an atypical side ? at times funky, as in the Besieging Army of Ura Yagyu piece, it can also become more jazzy, as in the final theme of the Baby Cart In Peril. Although they keep their original identity, these rare instruments abound in influences and will ravish the fans of the series, but also more widely-speaking all music lovers, thanks to their overflowing of richness and inventiveness. This DELUXE edition comes with embossed sleeve, red vinyl, a poster reproducing the first part of the saga's original one, and an exclusive seven-inch single including 3 tracks from the TV series. LIMITED TO 500 copies

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