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i.b.m.-from the land of rape & honey (the suppressed tapes) 1995-2005 2lp (interdimensional transmissions)

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i.b.m.: from the land of rape & honey (the suppressed tapes) 1995-2005

Jamal Moss (aka I.B.M. - Insane Black Man) is a lost warrior of sonic truth. Digging through shoe boxes of cassettes, video tapes, and mini discs, we have collected the secret tapes of one Insane Black Man. This is an archive of the impetus of his genius, containing perhaps the holy grail of all Jamal Moss tunes “The Land of Rape and Honey” and “Tribal Retribution”. Artists on labels like LIES are still searching for these originals. We have taken them from their dusty and damaged condition and painfully & meticulously restored them. Now we can present these fragile raw and pure visions with the greatest level of quality. Finally the full impact of these ideas can be felt.

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