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imaginary forces-and what? 12 (halcyon veil)

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imaginary forces: and what?

Rabit's unpredictable Halycon Veil imprint presents a quartet of reticulated grime and noise mutations from London-based Anthoney J Hart aka Imaginary Forces. And What? finds Imaginary Forces at his most brutal and disciplined, continuing to draw on his British heritage with signals to the ghosts of '90s/'00s pirate radio on one hand and references to masters of early electronics and literature on the other, creating something visceral and more immediate than his previous releases. The swarming concrète jungle militancy of "And What?" sets a scorched aesthetic, steeling the body for the pavement-cracking hooves and atonal buzz of "Chat 'Bout?" before cannily conflating the atmospheres of pirate radio and J. G. Ballard with the eviscerating intensity of "High Rise." "Make Ends Meet" deals in instrumental grammar of glottal grime galvanized with glossolalic noise texture, and "Makes Ends Meet (London Something Version)" whips those same elements into a strobing vortex of UK-style footwork rufige. This is the fifth 12" by Imaginary Forces following editions for Hart's Sleep Codes label, Fang Bomb, and Bedouin Records, plus a CD on Entr'acte. Its release coincides with the release of Hart's 2016 Raw Trax LP as Basic Rhythm on Type (TYPE 128LP). RIYL Pan Sonic, DJ Rashad, DJ Scud. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy.

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