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imaginary softwoods-the suncoast digest ep (mineral disk)

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imaginary softwoods: the suncoast digest

"The Suncoast Digest" is a one-off studio collaboration featuring Russell Brill improvising on a small, well-worn piano in March of 2016. Three different microphone sets captured the piano as it was routed through various filters and reverb effects. The recording was then augmented with airy pads and electronics and layered with subtle concrète textures using a Buchla Music Easel and a Sequential synthesizer. This stark and stripped down, minimal approach focused primarily on the acoustic instrument stands as a contrast to the Softwoods catalog thus far. Originally, "The Suncoast Digest" had been conceived as an album concept for Imaginary Softwoods in 2012, with some tracks appearing on the "Annual Flowers In Color" collection while others were lost time or left unfinished. "The Rocky River" was a track that was intended to round out the abandon album, but now appears here as a stand-alone work. This music is a snapshot of a time and place, raw and imperfect. It catalogs a calm, peaceful afternoon featuring a masterful improvisation from a peerless musician who was one of my best friends. Russell suddenly passed away in December of 2016 and "The Suncoast Digest" was never completed. Dedicated with love and gratitude to Russell Brill." -blue o'randa. russell brill-piano | blue o'randa-synthesizer & effects.

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