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inhabitants-igc ep (tachyon audio)

Price: $10.99


inhabitants: igc

Tachyon Audio is a new vinyl label that’s focused on forward-thinking sounds in the techno realm targeting sweaty dark places with large high-quality sound systems. Inhabitants make a strong offering with their first EP as a duo IGC. These two primates are often found inhabiting dark spaces forging ahead on complex math equations. Their distinct driving mathematical and drumming techno is a result. Expect more solid work from these two mysterious beings on Tachyon Audio as the label continues its progression. Tachyon Audio is coming out of the gates strong with a diverse EP that touches on three techno sounds that are helping to lead the march forward into the future of sound production. The first Tachyon release comes from the mysterious dark studio of Inhabitants who’s inaugural release as a collaboration is sure to move feet on a diversity of dance floors.

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