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max gardner-broken knives & pinkies ep (excise)

Price: $11.99


max gardner: broken knives & pinkies

Excise is thrilled to host San Francisco underground xture Max Gardner on the label’s 3rd vinyl release. Max runs the legendary Californian party crew Direct to Earth and he’s equally a hypnotic DJ selector and highly skilled synthesist. As you’ll see on this release Max’s tracks are not only excellent DJ tools but also deeply interesting for close-listening: truly unique electronic music dif culty to pigeonhole into a genre. “Mona Loops” is an immersive experience on club speakers as an eerie high-pitched synth line twists in unexpected ways over powerful waves of bass. Next Max remixes label co-owner Muon’s track “KMC” redefining its raw elements into a blitzing four and half minute romp held together by a jagged low-mid frequency lead line. “Broken Pinkies” is hard to de ne. All we can say is it embodies the feeling of the San Francisco all night underground world more than any single song in recent memory. It begs for repeat listening. Yan Cook joins the Excise family for a banging remix of “Broken Pinkies”almost shocking in its spin off the original. We’re huge fans of Yan over here and this track embodies what we love most about his productions - groovy but with serious bite

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