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jacek sienkiewicz-su17 12 (pets recordings)

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jacek sienkiewicz: su17

Pets Recordings welcome a true Polish techno founding father to the fold: Jacek Sienkiewicz. "SU17" is a bubbling sine cauldron that starts with a simmer but builds to a boil with its ever-morphing, lava-like flow. "Mustang" is a cascading synth odyssey that gently rises and falls like an Escher-looped staircase. Gradually building in momentum with more of Jacek's signature hypnosis flare, it's not until the drums double up with an almost live-style visceral feel. Complete with a star-lit switch from Berlin's serial innovator Tobias., where the synths are deftly refocused and a whole layer of orchestral delight are layered within.

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