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jack dixon-e/find shelter 12 (hotflush)

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jack dixon: e/find shelter

Jack Dixon follows a string of critically acclaimed releases for Apollo, Take, and Losing Suki with his debut outing for Hotflush. Influenced by the sparse atmospherics of Wolfgang Voigt, the playful intricacy of Autechre beats, and the off-kilter grooves of UK garage, the Berlin-based producer is unconstrained by genre or place, pioneering a modern, progressive sound that's already garnered him a glowing reputation. In turns colorful, ambient, melodic and driving, his new EP feels right at home on Scuba's label. Beginning with a deceptively clean and minimal rhythm, 'E' slowly gives way to lush glacial drones, skittering beats, and huge euphoric drops to form a bold production that sits somewhere between the early morning techno dancefloors of Berlin and the murky sweatbox raves of late-night South London. On the flip, he delivers the soulfully taut 'Find Shelter.' Warped vocals weave in and out of an insistent, jazzy house groove, backed by a tapestry of glitches, vinyl crackle, and live drum flourishes. It all leads to one of the most delirious and ecstatic drops you'll hear this year.

Jack Dixon - Find Shelter

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