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jeals-flux ep (lobster theremin)

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jeals: flux

From Poland to the UK via the USA, Jeals delivers a full journeyman debut EP for Lobster Theremin spanning ambient, racheting break-y house, lucid techno and heartbreaking electro. Five slices of thought-provoking electronic music, rich with emotion and sincerity, each one a crucial momentum in time, sonically cemented once and for all. Release opener ‘1-w Scape’ is a celestial journey across the Atlantic. The shedding of frustration and confusion, a past life let loose in a vapour trail of swirling ambience that cushions the listener before a soft landing in a new world. ‘What It’s All About’ celebrates a new dawn on fresh soil. A rhythmic and almost tribal like beat drives things into new territory, a celebratory lament to sounds and sights seen through naked eyes. Closing out the A-side is ‘Gentle Chain’, a deeply infectious slice of electro and one that keen listeners may have noticed got some serious heat in Asquith's Boiler Room set this year. The steep, structural shards of the city rise majestically upwards towards the sky with deftly programmed drums and a delicate melody lifting the listener upwards through soft clouded haze and melting into the nostalgic evening sunset. The flip kicks into gear with ‘Flexx’ a skittering house number that moves freely across the water, ducking down deep beneath the surface before briefly coming up for air. Drums and percussion with a frantic urgency are soothed by playful key sequences and effervescent, ethereal synth work.

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