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jeremy greenspan-drums&drums&drums 12 (jiaolong)

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jeremy greenspan: drums&drums&drums

Drums&Drums&Drums is a re-interpretation of 'Drums' by Laurie Spiegel and, as she informs us, is the first such re-interpretation of her work to be released. Here are a few words from Jeremy about the track: 'This last year a reissue of The Expanding Universe, which compiles Spiegel's major works from the mid-70s, was released to rave reviews on Unseen Worlds Records. Included on that release is the 1975 composition 'Drums.' Since first hearing it over ten years ago, I was always amazed at how contemporary 'Drums' sounded. I have, over the years, often thought of different ways I could edit the song to be used as a DJ tool. It is tricky to work with something you love, and which is in itself already perfectly complete. This track is credited to both myself and Laurie Spiegel, not only because I received her generous blessing and input, but also because I felt as though I was attempting not simply to re-edit or even remix the piece, but rather to play off of it: to use it as a guide to exploring some different musical possibilities, and to collaborate with the original. In many ways I didn't write anything, but simply played back 'Drums' on my computer, using its tempo and rhythms to trigger an almost arbitrary chain of synthesizers, both new and old.'" --Jeremy Greenspan

Jiaolong006-Drums&Drums&Drums/Sirius Shake by Jeremy Greenspan

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