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jodey kendrick-steel erector 2cd (rephlex)

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jodey kendrick: steel erector

This album is the accompaniment to Jodey Kendrick's other recent album, Plus Ten. Jodey Kendrick was born in York. He lived there until the age of eight, when his parents took over the running of a pub in the South East (UK). As a child he would watch films with his dad, always focusing on the music within them. Those that stood out most were Lalo Schifrin in Dirty Harry and John Carpenter's work in his own films. During his adolescent years, he heard a mix tape which contained Stakker's "Humanoid" track. He was instantly intrigued not just by the sounds but how they were made. He got himself a Commodore 64 which he tinkered around with for a while before progressing onto an Amiga. Starting work gave him the means to move onto sequencers and samplers, and in more recent years, analog synths and computers. His early influences have already been mentioned, but another major factor in his addiction to music is when he heard a Ron Hardy mix for the first time -- he was blown away, not just with the sounds but the sheer variation of them. He wanted to make music that provoked that same feeling in people. Mr. Kendrick has been fighting in his own unique corner, reinventing these genres for himself with a contemporary slant, striving for some solid, driving tunes to counter the hardcore of his native Dunstable.

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