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john carpenter & alan howarth-halloween iii: season of the witch lp (death waltz)

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john carpenter & alan howarth: halloween iii season of the witch

You have to bow down before John Carpenter and Alan Howarth. Their score for Halloween III is so far ahead of its time it's mind boggling. Halloween III is a tour de force of experimental synth tones, intense melodies and dark, brooding mood pieces. This is one of my favorite scores of all time and I am honored to have the chance to release it. Re-mastered by Alan Howarth. All new artwork by Jay Shay. Sleeve notes by Alan Howarth and Jay Shaw. Includes an A2 poster. Brand new house sleeve with spot varnish and tons more film info on the back, including credits.

John carpenter & Alan Howarth Chariots Of Pumpkins Halloween III

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