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john tejada & tin man-acid test 10 12 (acid test)

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john tejada & tin man: acid test 10

LA-born Vienna resident Tin Man (Johannes Auvinen) and Vienna-born Angeleno John Tejada present a four-track journey through the highways of Los Angeles. Opener "Swiftbox" is a perfect amalgam of Auvinen and Tejada's respective styles, with its tremulous 303, complex minor key melodicism, and deconstructed stabs. "Diamond Lanes" is another muscular acid cut with subtle, swinging percussion, layering widescreen pads and jacking snares, reimagined as a skeletal electro roller in Achterbahn D'Amour's remix. Closer "Deep Traffic" is a bugged-out acid cut that captures the feeling of sitting alone in a crowd of cars crawling toward eternal sunset.

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