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john tejada/truncate-maximiliano/.veinticinco (.25) 12 (historia y violencia)

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john tejada/truncate: maximiliano/.veinticinco (.25)

Historia y Violencia 7 is brought to you by technical maestro, John Tejada and rising talent, Truncate (David Flores). This release showcases both artists' talent for classic production and forward-thinking sound design. The A-side is Tejada's 'Maximiliano (6 July 1832 - 19 June 1867)', and includes a nod to the only monarch of the Second Mexican Empire. It brings classic depth that only John Tejada is capable of. The B-side is Truncate's '.Veinticinco (.25)', which brings classic futuristic dancefloor sounds to the here and now with additional sound effects provided by our very own Silent Servant Juan Mendez.

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