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jor-el - tilted reality ep (echocord)

Price: $13.99


jor-el: tilted reality

Swedish artist Joel Alter, under his Jor-El alias, offers Tilted Reality EP, comprising three originals. Alter return under his Jor-El guise under which he first started releasing material on DJ Hell's International Deejay Gigolo imprint. Up first is title track "Tilted Reality", laid out over seven minutes with a slowly unfolding dynamic feel, encompassing spiraling atmospherics, distorted rhythms, and blooming stab sequences. "Elevation" follows and takes a more direct groove-driven approach via straight four-four percussion and hooky bass chops. "Solitude" closes out the package delving into deeper realms with soft ethereal dub chords, acid-tinged leads, and emotive strings.

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