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justin berkovi-mondrian cd (trapez)

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justin berkovi: mondrian

This is the sixth album by Justin Berkovi. Justin has been on the rise again, taking each step with care and a lot of understatement. His live set for FUSE in Belgium in 2011 and his set showcasing new material at Berghain's 7th Anniversary in December 2011 left unmistakable traces as well as recent releases with prominent English artists such as Kirk Degeorgio and Perc. On this album he has skillfully stitched together tracks with emotional depth as well as mighty groove, making this a very special work culminating in both a phenomenal diversity and togetherness. Mondrian is a true, encompassing voyage through marvelous, mellifluous masterpieces of music. It also displays a crucial sense of emotional sensibility and melodic sensuality throughout. Atmosphere and space meet a heavenly monotone funk. The album starts with "Godspeed" -- a track that could be the soundtrack for the "Underworld" and a civilization that is falling apart. Berkovi here twists vintage strings and bends emotions with a sense of spaciousness and urban gleam. "Mondrian" directly hits with a superb blast of post-Detroit techno at its best. Tension is built up in waves, making it a beast of a club track. "Nadir" expands like a balloon in slow-motion, filling up the space with moody 3-D string arrangements. "Mainline Tension" is a cool piece of purposeful techno while "Ocean" is all vintage with a fantastic bass line. "Voices" sends out alarming sounds building up hysteria and urgency, while "Children of the Night (Rise Again)" rises gently -- all moody and poetic. "Days Go By" is a masterpiece of post-Detroit techno music with a complex and sexy arrangement. "Surveillance" walks in and introduces itself step by step, waiting like a stalker in the dark, while "Heritage" evokes Berlin techno days at their best. "The Observer" establishes a bloomy garden of sounds and "City Lights" is a soundtrack of a track -- all grey and rainy and dark. "Heat" summarizes what this album is all about -- a perfect "tech noir" trip in an urban jungle.

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