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katharsis-suspension of belief lp (desire)

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katharsis: suspension of belief

Katharsis was a band from San Francisco, formed by Daniel Malson, Jano Sanguine, Mary Andre and Tim Vickers (from 1988). Daniel Malson also had a side project, Bast, that released a tape through The Happiest Place On Earth. Katharsis was an industrial band with punk attitude, with power electronics touches. Their sound was about the fatness of the noise sound, the thickness, about the low frequencies. After a few cassette releases, they released their sole album in 1989 on highly-influential label RRRecords in collaboration with industrial/avant-garde label SSS Productions. After the harsh sound of their cassette releases, Suspension of Belief opened new sound perspectives. It mixed industrial sounds with rock structures, not dissimilar to Nine Inch Nails meeting Swans, but retaining the experimental and atmospheric sounds the band was known for. Suspension of Belief has been entirely remastered and is now reissued for the first time. Available on Desire with the original artwork and insert, the first pressing of 300 copies is pressed on red vinyl.

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