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kaumwald-hantasive lp (opal tapes)

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kaumwald: hantasive

Electric charges on Hantasive. Kaumwald lights up his dials and twists out five rolling generations to terrify and animate. Plying a line between glitch-like manifestation and cruder analog sewage, these tracks are forged from degrees of digital and analog that gives a contemporary edge to the gritty grey-scale industrial and proto-rhythm you might find while digging through the Vanity Records catalog. Warm kicks and clipping digital synthesis is interlaced with acoustic sourcing and a curious, magnetic primacy -- developing vital color and tactility to these here wares. Think to those contemporary and necessary combinations of computer and combustion engine, but repurposed to a more Jean Tinguely-esque display of machinery for machineries-sake; built to chatter and clunk, to error, and essentially deteriorate. That quest for the perfect minimal weirdo beat re-cut for now.

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