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keita sano-s/t 2lp (rett i fletta)

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keita sano: s/t

Keita Sano was born in 1989 in Okayama. He has released music on more labels than forests have trees (1080p, Rett I Fletta, Let's Play House, Mister Saturday Night, Crue-L etc.). He makes a technoid yet lo-fi version of music for discotheques that's uniquely his own. Rett I Fletta label head Prins Thomas on meeting Keita Sano: "A little over a year ago I spent a day off in the lovely seaside town Enoshima. There is a really nice club, cafe and concert venue there called Oppa-La which I had played the previous night. So my dear friend and Japanese promoter Hagi tells me we should go back there the following night as there will be local bands playing followed by a live-set from Keita Sano. I was only vaguely familiar with his music but had noticed his name crop up more and more frequently so off we went. A couple of beers later and around the third track in, he somehow manages to merge the playfulness of disco with the physical impact of techno, I'm sold there and then. Over a friendly chat and more beers, I clumsily present an offer to release his music and hopefully even all the things he played that night. A few days later the album as you hold in front of you and more or less a replica of that live-set arrives in my inbox."

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