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keith fullerton whitman-occlusions: real-time music for hybrid digital-analogue modular synthesizer lp (editions mego)

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keith fullerton whitman: occlusions real-time music for hybrid digital-analogue modular synthesizer

'Occlusion' is a loose framework for a multi-channel, freely-improvised piece of live electronic music, performed without the aid or consent of pre-recorded or even pre-arranged materials of any kind. A given realization will last between 10 and 30 minutes; time is elastic. Every effort has been made to avoid divisible rhythms (although mistakes are occasionally made). Still, I consider it a 'kind' of dance music. These two realizations, recorded a week apart at festivals in France and The Netherlands during February 2012, capture the piece (much like those on the Generators LP) in two entirely different iterations, in states of (A) a mildly inebriated bliss & (B) an arbitrarily triggered blind rage. Both recordings were made at 24-bit, 96khz through the absolute cheapest means available to the consumer to do so. They sound fantastic. Occlusions is a companion piece to Generators in that they share the same tool-set; however, it is the free jazz yang to Generator's minimalist yin. It is not recommended to those seeking meter, melody, cleanliness, or a clearly-outlined organizational sense

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