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kenichi kanazawa-experimental music of japan 10: solo performance cd (edition omega point)

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kenichi kanazawa: experimental music of japan 10

Edition Omega Point presents solo performance pieces by Japanese sound and visual performance artist Kenichi Kanazawa. "Oto no Kakera" ("Fragments of Sound") was based on his participation in an exhibition called Sound Garden in 1987. He cut thick steel plates like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, concerned with the thematic relationships of iron, figures, and sounds. He attacked the pieces with sticks, and then played with their sounds. Various pitches, tones and resonances of sounds were made from the area and shape of each pieces, extending the world of iron sound richly. This CD is a recording of performances in the exhibition "Kenichi Kanazawa, iron as a starting point 1982-2011." Solo Performance is housed in a cardboard paper gatefold sleeve, with newly-written liner notes in Japanese and English. It also includes a summary written by Kanazawa. Limited to 300 copies.

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