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kenichi kanazawa/shinjiro yamaguchi/hiroyuki ura-experimental music of japan 9: fragments of sound, figure of music cd (edition omega point)

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kanazawa/yamaguchi/ura: experimental music of japan 9

Kenichi Kanazawa held the exhibition "Oto no Kakera" ("Fragments of Sound') and "Workshop" at the Kawagoe City Museum between 2006 and 2010. At the fifth and final exhibition, he did a workshop and performance with Hiroyuki Ura and Shinjiro Yamaguchi. This performance consisted of some fragments, with Yamaguchi adding his own details. According to his explanation, he tried to capture an invisible figure of music through composition using simple rules and styles. Housed in a cardboard paper gatefold sleeve with newly-written liner notes in Japanese and English. Also includes a summary by the artist. Limited to 300 copies.

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