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kobosil-91 12 (ostgut ton)

Price: $13.99


kobosil: 91

Kobosil follows his 2015 remix of Terence Fixmer's "Aktion Mekanik Theme" with his first EP on Ostgut Ton, presenting tracks with a similar vibe and muscular impression rather than a varied selection of aesthetics. The hypnotic synth pulse and bewitching strings of "Avernian" sit atop a ripped, dark four-to-the-floor beat; "Konvergent" features a double kick drum all the way with lush claps and a vocal bent beyond recognition; and "Per" comes with an overall unfussy feel and a dry steam hammer drum. Only the interlude, "Athtar," takes a different direction, with drone sounds, noise speckles, and heavily processed vocal samples.

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