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kohn-soulastalgia lp (deep distance)

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kohn: soulastalgia

Kohn is the project of Belgian Jurgen De Blonde, and following several essential releases on K-RAA-K, Sloow Tapes and FMR, his new album for 'Deep Distance' is just incredible and further adds to his esteemed body of work created since 1998. A perfect companion for longterm fans and newcomers alike and a killer intro to his extraordinary live side featuring 6 improvised cosmic jams... Containing a hand picked set of live pieces recorded in a number of venues in Belgium, France and Germany whilst touring his last LP "Random Patterns". As Jurgen himself says on the sleeve notes: "I took the concept of "Random Patterns" on the road and developed it during several shows looking for ways to expand it or approach it differently, recording every show and distilling my favourite pieces for this album". Presented as a numbered 250 pressing LP in red, embossed single colour themed sleeves as a homage to the killer series of gallery / private press edition Conrad Schnitzler LPs from the early to mid 70s; If just one piece of music could encapsulate why label head Dom devised this kraut / kosmische side project to The Great Pop Supplement, then the opener here "Berlin-Colln" fits just perfect. An incredible, nigh on essential, cosmic synth trip. fabulous.

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