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lark-i don't got lp (care in the community)

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lark: i don't go

Larks' second album sees its founder, front man, and songwriter Karl Bielik present a purely solo project. The band's first album, Shop, backed by their tight live performances for the likes of Scritti Politti and Rob da Bank has seen them gain plaudits from a growing fan base and musical luminaries. Their first single, "The Animal's Claw" was Rough Trade's Record of the Week and prominent producers Andrew Weatherall, Brendan Lynch, and Erol Alkan have all remixed Lark tracks. The working process of Lark has not changed and neither have they changed as a live force, though now I Don't Got sees the original solo versions of the songs deservedly make the final cut. There's continuity in Bielik's dominating vocal style ranging from the belligerent to the tender or unhinged falsetto but with more space given to developing his lyrical narratives. Less familiar is the broad, unfettered and at times unorthodox approach to instrumentation. It's an album of extremes with a satisfying unpredictability and invention that makes the previously favorable comparisons to The Fall, Daniel Johnston, and Tom Waits.

Lark - I Don't Got by (Lark)

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