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le dust sucker-grey 12 (boxer recordings)

Price: $13.99


le dust sucker: grey

Remember Le Dust Sucker? This Berlin/Basel-based duo made hearts leap for joy in the 2000s with tracks like "Mandate My Ass", "Love Me," or "Meanboy." Their first work since a contribution to 10 Years of Boxer (BOXER 090CD, 2012) opens with the cheerful, groovy "Dengue," a subtle masterpiece that sticks to your serotonin gland for quite a while. "Desire" works on the dancefloor too, although it refuses any categorization -- "electronic child-choral synth-dance" is a helpless attempt to clothe extraordinary music in profane words. "Great" slows things down with a brutish beat before the compelling '70s flair of "Crave."

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