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len faki & johannes heil-volume ii 12 (figure)

Price: $13.99


len faki & johannes heil: volume 2

Len Faki and Johannes Heil welcomes us indoors to the winter season, with two darker, straighter and more paranoid weapons on Volume II. "Dirty" presents an old school, intense party-techno vibe with a grinding organ hook, leading us into the heart of the beast. Taking the best of techno's '90s-era drums -- crisp claps and searing hi-hats -- combined with the two producers' top-class production, it's quite a handful. "Maniac" is a more introspective workout that fuses a pumping, warehouse vibe with submerged, filtering synth-play. At once psychedelic, yet funky and timeless, it snakes and stalks its way through seven minutes of classy reductionism.

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