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l/f/d/m-crocodiles in the ceiling ep (ecstatic)

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l/f/d/m: crocodiles in the ceiling

Richard Smith aka L/F/D/M reports four barreling hardware shots from London's EBM and techno underworld with the tense, nervous energy of his Crocodiles in the Ceiling EP for Not Waving's Ecstatic label following a slew of 'floor-wreckers with Optimo Trax and Diagonal (as Bronze Teeth and Green Gums with former Factory Floor member Dom Butler). This EP finds him flexing a buzzing set of dancefloor prongs amid the sweat-mist and strobelights. The result is a visceral, animated style, pushing at the most frayed, wild-eyed aspects of post-industrial/acid/techno with inarguably potent impact and effect.

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