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ling-attachment 12 (codes)

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ling: attachment

Visionist's PAN sublabel Codes label presents Liverpool-based producer Ling's debut EP, Attachment. It's a data-centric collection built from field- and browser-recordings, loosely exploring the themes of habitual mental tendencies. "The idea that taking an instinctual interpretation of information potentially warps and distorts reality. If data triggers internal responses, it risks following a predetermined path that can stray from reality." The heavily processed sample material re-explores recordings collected between 2011 and 2015. Reconstructed within sound collages across the record, they strive to find an independent voice but at times back away in order to grapple with something else. Blending explorative futuristic sounds, Ling's glacial and at times glitchy constructions feature fleeting snippets of vocals or malfunctioning machines while dipping into tentative, broken melodies. Loose references to UK culture and contemporary sounds are restructured, offering moments of something teasingly familiar before withdrawing into abstraction. The EP was made in summer 2015 in Liverpool, mixed by Chris Pawlusek, and mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy. It features artwork by PWR Studio and Bill Kouligas with additional art by James Whipple.

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