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locussolus-tan sedan/throwdown 12 (international feel)

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"Tan Sedan" is Fleetwood Mac on Quaaludes, with a vibe that combines the sleaze of Hollywood Boulevard at 4 a.m. with the magic and mystery of a secret Ibizan hideaway. "Throwdown" is its psilocybinic cousin, a chillwave anthem for cruising the Pacific Coast highway out to the hills of Topanga, Malibu and beyond. Complete with a bonus bass and beats mix for a slice of '90s goodness, this is another Locus Solus adventure you'll want to hitch a ride on.

Track Listing: Disc 1 Side A 01. Tan Sedan 01:33 listen Side B 02. Throwdown (Vocal) 01:30 listen 03. Throwdown (Beats & Bass)

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