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xander harris-i want more than just blood rmx 12 (100% silk)

Price: $11.99


Italians may do it better -- ice cream, genuine leather, synth splatter -- but everything's still bigger in Texas. Like this X Large redux from Austin's X Harris. He calls side A the 'high heels remix' which is chop-shop talk for shoegaze if yr shoes happen to be red patent pumps. Less gore than before, more vast unknown than he's ever shown, side B soars like the flight of a DJ navigator who's recently returned home to realize he's left the 80s far behind, it's almost 2012, and everyone he loves has aged and moved on without him. But the force is still strong with this one. If Xander Harris had a hammer, he'd beat down John Carpenter's door, turn that Carpenteria into a Danceteria, and make that grave-waver Sweatt. Finally, an escape from New York.

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