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magic touch-i can feel the heat 12 (100% silk)

Price: $11.99


Groove into Magic Touch's pleasure factory, a floor-to-ceiling inventory of disco-covalence, guitar gush rush, even-better-than-the-real-thing sample soaring, and jumpin' jackin' flash. The A side has you feeling the burn after a serious night of get-down. Or tasting the burn after a serious night of get-up. Flip to the B side when you're looking for love in all the ripe places. A vice is nice, but pills will never thrill you like the sensation of Magic Touch, that feverish fantasia of sweet heat. Let his fingers do the work, let the magic take you away, and please pump up these jams. If only to stop the longing. 'I Can Feel The Heat' features bonus shredding by So-Cal amigo Josh Anzano and 'Clubhouse' stars additional instrumentation by Miracle Clubber Honey Owens.

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