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lorenzo senni-dunno cd (presto!?)

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lorenzo senni: dunno

produced, edited, mixed by lorenzo senni and mastered by marcus schmickler, "dunno" is the very first official release from the 27 years old italian founder of presto!? ; his previous release "early works" (2007) is a collection of old re-edited tracks mainly influenced by early laptop heroes mego style. now with " dunno" we have a pure computer music record where digital psychedelia meets brutal pulasr synthesis trains and sharp fm streams. built up with a double approach, "dunno", is something between vintage experimentalism of the computer music pioneers and the new digital brutality of fat, acid glissandos and shepard tones in rave style. using a large palette of computer synthesized sounds and a sophisticated musical awareness he creates ten tracks of beautiful artificial energies and abstract pleasure. (rolf delley, qj)

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