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lumerians-transmissions from telos vol iv lp (hands in the dark)

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lumerians: transmissions from telos vol iv

Oakland-based quintet's Lumerians is specialized in administrating heavy psychedelic waves of sound and shards of light to their fellow test-subjects. Back to 2010, the Californians delivered a full-blown audio experience with their killer debut-album Transmallinia. This summer, Transmissions From Telos: Vol. IV marks a new procession of tunes from outer space, a selection of spontaneous music found on the Lumerians hard drive catacombs. Side A are fragments of raw stellar ore. Unnamed and unclassified, delivered with a thin protective lubricant to prevent violent combustion in the Earth's oxygen rich atmosphere. Side B is a trans-dimensional demon love child, imploding with raging love, but too grotesque to live in this world. Left anonymous lest the utterance of his name bring doom to us all.

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