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luxury apartments-s/t lp (dead-cert)

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luxury apartments: s/t

Germany-born and Derbyshire-raised musician, painter, and mathematician David Tyack began working under his Luxury Apartments moniker in the summer of 2002, exploring potential film and animation synchronization with nods to his growing penchants for neoclassical, free jazz, and minimal music. He had recently finished a self-penned conceptual LP with original Can vocalist Malcolm Mooney, and been writing and recording for then-yet-to-be-mixed LPs by Jane Weaver's Misty Dixon and his own band D.O.T.; his Luxury Apartments work, a series of experimental recordings made at his compact home studio on Clyde Road in Didsbury, Manchester, counterbalanced his ambitions to record a fully-realized singer-songwriter album. Completed just months before Tyack's untimely accidental death on the island of Corsica, Luxury Apartments reveals him at his uninhibited best, displaying some of his most adventurous, dedicated, and unapologetic solo excursions into sound-design, improvised composition, and electroacoustic territories -- the result is a unique blend of dark ambient, mechanical folk, PINA stylings, and coldwave DIY rhythms. Drawing comparisons to the varied works of Sorgini, Eno, Liska, Stabat Stable, Martin Zero, Luc Mariani, Walter Branchi, and the lost electronic work of Don Cherry, these previously unheard tapes are presented here in unedited form, compiled exactly how Tyack intended the record to be pressed should any independent record label have the foresight to take the plunge into his creative pool. Released with blessing and encouragement from the Tyack family, this is the first unreleased music to come from Tyack's extensive archive, which was shared with close friends and creative collaborators regularly during his creative years in Manchester between 1997 and 2002. Artwork and liner notes by Andy Votel. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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