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lyoto music-s/t lp (urashima)

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lyoto music: s/t

Lyoto Music was a terrific collaboration between Pietro Mazzocchin (The New Sadism, Observation Clinique, Swastika Kommando) and Pierpaolo Zoppo (Mauthausen Orchestra), which manifested itself as a unique cassette released in 1984 by Aquilifer Sodality. This first-ever reissue is mastered from the original master tape kindly provided by Andrea Cernotto with the full permission of Mazzocchin. "As far as I remember, Lyoto Music was one of the most appreciated items and possibly one of the best-sellers in the (Aquilifer) Sodality catalogue. The music was produced by Pietro using cassettes (one cassette?) recorded by Pierpaolo. A friend from that area recently brought to my mind a forgotten concert by the duo somewhere in Emilia, the only time Pierpaolo (and maybe Pietro too) played live. If memory doesn't betray me, I was the only person in the audience." --Andrea Cernotto (The Sodality), April 18, 2015

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