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maurizio bianchi-cmrs/opea 2lp (urashima)

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maurizio bianchi: cmrs/opea

Mindblowing double LP reissue of Maurizio Bianchi's impossible-to-find 1980 cassette, "decomposed" in October 1980 using cacophonelectronics and dedicated to the physical attraction to Sylvia Simonelli (September 1980/June 1981). "The genesis of this work is incredible. In the office where I worked, I had found a stamp with 'COMPRESA' (in English, included) written over it, and so I came to the starting point for a new experimental work. Erasing before the second, fourth, sixth and eighth letter, so I obtained the title 'CMRS,' on the other hand by deleting the first, third, fifth and seventh letter, I obtained the title 'OPEA,' and it fascinated me. I had recently bought a synth KORG MS20 and so I began to experiment with it, but having only one output jack, I had to connect it to an AKAI cassette recorder that had two inputs, so the inevitable consequence was a mono recording (something that was strictly maintained, but divided on two channels). The result that followed was a cassette format C-90, with very grim and voluptuous electronic sounds, and it was distributed only to a very few friends and followers. All this happened back in October 1980. Then this recording became virtually untraceable, until a few years ago when I was in contact with Vittore Baroni who wrote me that he had a recording that I had given him several years previously, precisely CMRS/OPEA! So this work of historical value will surely make a lot of my genuine fans happy" --Maurizio Bianchi, February 7, 2015. Originally issued as private C-90 cassette in about seven or eight copies, and distributed only to very close friends. Mastered with supervision by M.B., Milano, 2015. No changes of pitch were made in the mastering process.

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