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majutsu no niwa-frontera 2lp (new vague)

Price: $36.99


majutsu no niwa: frontera

Deluxe 2LP reissue of the first studio album by Majustu No Niwa (the band that rose from the ashes of the mighty Overhang Party). Originally released on a Japanese-only CD, this vinyl version includes an extra track from the same sessions left off the CD due to time constraints. We get crunching psychedelic rock, an acoustic comedown, then a final 22+ minute feedback and electronic laden journey into the void. Pressed by RTI on high quality 180 gram vinyl (the only 180 gram produced in the US that matters) and housed in a heavy tip-on gatefold jacket. All around a beautifully presented item and it comes into the world in a limited edition of 500.

Majutsu no Niwa -FRONTERA-

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