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marat shibaev-seeing tokyo cd (lantern)

Price: $16.99


marat shibaev: seeing tokyo

Marat Shibaev is the official name of the popular Russian techno artist Martin Schulte. He decided to go with his real name for the first time as he felt this new album is something special in his career. Indeed Seeing Tokyo sounds very solid and straight forward comparing to his previous albums which reflects his thoughts and affection towards the city Tokyo which he visited for the first time in late 2012. Marat says “This is a musical album about my visit to Tokyo and I wanted to express this amazing city from the foreigner’s perspective. How the city would sound like, if we were able to hear only the sounds of the city - huge and fast, crowded and energetic, subways and trains, technologies and innovations, corporations and business centers, night life and the morning silence, parks and temples.. “. As a home for his previous albums Depth Of Soul, Odysseia, Treaure and Slow Beauty, we are very proud of this monumental work and it’s a must for all the Martin Schulte fans and minimal techno heads.

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